meg. 17. varsity nerd.

i like sebastian stan and amber heard.

i roleplay and write a wide variety of things. sometimes i try to art. very rarely do i post said art.

basically i'm a big whiny baby and if you don't give me attention i'll probably cry.

hoenn is literally my whole life and mudkip is actually my baby.


i blog about a lot of things, most of which you can find on my tag page here

mainly i blog about my personal life and the fandoms/people/places i like. i make a lot of shitty graphics and post a lot of feminism.

like. a lot.


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2014 events

geek kon august 2014

momentour july/august 2014

minnesota renaissance festival september 2014


game of thrones season 1

castle season 6

supernatural season 9

bones season 4

orphan black season 1

currently working on

fangirl challenge

maggie greene in literally every scene ever


ANYTHING days of future past related. i mean anything. i'm talking characters, scenes, little text posts talking about what kind of hat erik was wearing. EVERYTHING.

hannibal anything. just because i haven't gotten caught up yet.

how to train your dragon!!! it makes me really sad that i'm not gonna be able to see that one in theaters. long story short, i saw the first one in theaters with my mom when it first came out and that memory is one i hold very dear to my heart, which makes this movie equally as special to me. the franchise itself is something that matters to me quite a bit and i really don't want to be spoiled for anything until i can see it with my mom.

child/animal abuse. should be self-explanatory.

food! while i do blog about food sometimes and tag it accordingly, i do have my own slip-ups and have to add it to my blacklist. so please whenever possible, tag it!

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twds5 sdcc trailer || Carol Peletier

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Do I Wanna Know? (Split)

by Arctic Monkeys/Vitamin String Quartet

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Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys/Vitamin String Quartet; The left ear is the official studio version by Arctic Monkeys, while the right ear is the official studio cover by the Vitamin String Quartet.

Listen to more of my stuff here.

Download it here.

Wow, guys, this one is really fun to listen to. 

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one of the nurses at the hospital gave me this.. vegan cashew crunch thing when i fainted from her lunch bag (which in itself was really nice) but i forgot i had it until just now so i went to go find it and it’s literally like.. gluten free cholesterol free butt naked free like it’s literally free of like. everything. and it’s vegan and “100% natural” so of course i’m staring at it like it’s gonna takes like shit and i open it up and it’s little square cubes with cashews and i guess whatever it is that makes them crunchy and honestly looking at it it looked like i was gonna bite into it and it would be fuckin.. idk powder so i was like bracing myself and took a bite and lord have mercy that was the best snack i’ve ever had in my fucking life

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Make Me Choose
hershelgrimes asked: TW or TWD?
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tanwynwindstar says: Mind if I continue with the asks? Next question will be: How long have you been single?
uhh? april?

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either you liked scott pilgrim vs the world or you really liked scott pilgrim vs the world. there is no inbetween.

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This is a list I made for YALSA’s The Hub on the wide range of YA literature featuring LGBTQ characters. See the full post and a downloadable pdf here


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